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Pam Hobs Bell

N 1 U 2 M 3 E 4 R 5 O 6 L 7 O 8 G 9Y

  pbpicWW.tif (430440 bytes)"Your life today is the result of the choices you made yesterday; tomorrow it will be the result of the choices you make today.   All the sciences, charts, and readings are only an outline of future possibilities.   Knowing those possibilities, it is you who must make the decision about the skills you develop, any course of action that you take, the direction you decide to travel, and how you make the journey.

Psychic readings, Numerology, Astrology,   Astronumerology, and Tarot are a valuable part of your research, but ultimately it's you and your own free will that make YOU the architect of your life.  Use the power of positive numbers to create the life you want."  -Pam Bell


Numerology identifies our talents and challenges and reveals a unique map of personal timing to enable each of us to chart the best possible course from here to where we want to go.  Life is experienced in cycles.  As a group, there are some cycles that we experience together, and others that influence us individually.  Knowing the tendencies and potentials of all the cycles in motion plus basic personality traits is a great help when making everyday or extraordinary choices.  

Pam Bell is a professional numerologist who enjoys empowering people by using numerology and her psychic ability for over 25 years. Pam's latest book is LOVE & SEX by the NUMBERS, published by Quill of HarperCollins. Prior to that, ASTRONUMEROLOGY: YOUR KEY TO EMPOWERMENT USING STARS AND NUMBERS, a combination of numerology and astrology go-authored by Pam was published by Avon Books. (See the Books Page for more information.) Pam's articles appear in magazines and newspapers around the world including The National Examiner, The Sun, Body, Mind, and Spirit magazine, and First for Women. She's also the author of forecast books published by American Media, and is a frequent guest on radio and television in the U.S., Canada, and Australia. 

HH01456A.gif (2530 bytes)Pam shares her fascination with numbers through By the Numbers™, a numerology newsletter she publishes.  The newsletter provides monthly forecasts and many other interesting and useful articles contributed by a variety of writers all designed to support you in your personal quest for happiness, prosperity, and spirituality. Pam is also available for personal readings

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